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James Bryce Clark

GC and CPO
Los Angeles, usually
I'm part of the secretariat for one of the better-establisxhed global internet standards host organizations.  Lots of community managerment, licensing, KR, e-government, and trade issues.     I was a Wall Street lawyer, but I got better.  Based in Los Angeles.  On the local yacht club's race committee.  @JamieXML on Twitter.  Lifelong internet law and data governance hacker.  In knowledge management, I am a happy consumer of multiple methodologies and tools;  but not one of those "everything must be RDF/RuleML/XML/UML/OWL/JSON/DublinCore/blockchain/whatever" folks.  Grew up in Minnesota, which actually is Baja Canada, except for hockey, where we are better than Canada.   He/him.